Hibiscus Kombucha

Hibiscus Kombucha

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Artisan Fresh - Made To Order So Please Allow 7 - 10 Days Delivery

This means its super fresh, not like the kombucha you can buy of the shelf and has all the “good bacteria” that are considered helpful for your body. Studies  show the drink lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, among other things

Our new HIibiscus Kombucha flavor combines a blend of premium Hibiscus with our signature revitalizing fizz - the perfect combo or kombucha and hibiscus fruity lovers alike!

We take organic plums and Hibiscus and ferment them with our special Kombucha Culture. Yes, that's right, we don’t just add  the plums and hibiscus, we ferment Kombucha from it. So it’s just as good for you as our other drinks. 

Try our Hibiscus Kombucha as an alternative to your regular energy drink.

At Ealing Urban Farm, our ingenious team has been working hard on developing exciting new flavors to add to our line-up of kombucha. So, we are delighted to announce something slightly different (that we know you’ll love!