Coffee Kombucha

Coffee Kombucha

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Artisan Fresh Cold Coffee Kombucha

This means its super fresh, not like the kombucha you can buy of the shelf and has all the “good bacteria” that are considered helpful for your body. Studies  show the drink lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, among other things

Our new Espresso Kombucha Coffee flavor combines a blend of Arabica Coffee bean brew with our signature revitalizing fizz - the perfect combo or kombucha and coffee lovers alike!

We take organic Arabica Coffee beans brew and ferment them with our special Kombucha Culture. Yes, that's right, we don’t just add coffee, we ferment Kombucha from it. So it’s just as good for you as our other drinks. 

Try our Coffee Kombucha as an alternative to your regular energy drink.

At Ealing Urban Farm, our ingenious team has been working hard on developing exciting new flavors to add to our line-up of kombucha. So, we are delighted to announce something slightly different (that we know you’ll love) – Espresso Coffee Kombucha! Our new Espresso Coffee Kombucha is a sensational blend of Arabica coffee beans brewed 

How do we make our Espresso Coffee Kombucha?

Our Espresso Kombucha is like no other as we don’t just add the coffee at the end to create a coffee-flavored kombucha. Instead, with traditionally brewed coffee and sugar in the traditional manner with our own kombucha cultures from the outset. It has no added flavourings and no sugar is added post-fermentation. through the magic of fermentation, our coffee kombucha is lower in caffeine than normal coffee whilst still giving you a noticeable natural lift. 

Make the most of Espresso Coffee Kombucha

Grab a bottle to kick-start your day with a powerful kombucha coffee hit and you’ll be ready to face whatever life has in store for you. Or make sure you keep a can in the fridge as a treat for later to beat the afternoon slump with a natural boost of vitality to recharge you for the rest of the day.